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Precision Labelling

High Precision Labelling


Special machinery for labelling / tape application with a guaranteed x/y
accuracy of +/- 0,1 mm!

The variations in label path/orientation can be handled (automatically
adjusted) up to +/- 1 mm. Optical or opto-mechanical sensor for all kinds of
labels. Intelligent queue-handling handles automatically missing labels on
the liner/backing paper – without aff ecting the operation/causing any stops.

Diff erent options for label control, height adjustment etc.



• Vacuum Pad is made (CNC)
after the specifi c and exact
label shape
• Printer feeds label onto pad
and pass the front edge of
the pad
• Pad is turned to vertical
position and label front edge
hits stop (label adjusted in
• Pneumatic parallel-cylinder
hits label from both sides
and adjust it in respect to
the pad (X-position)
• Main cylinder stroke moves
pad down to hit object
(distance approx 50 mm)

Type of applicator: Tamp
Tamp size:                Custom size always
Print speed:              Cycle time is approximately 2 seconds =
                                     up to 30 applications/minute.
Resolution:                12 dots/mm 300 DPI
Interface:                   2 x RS232, 1 x USB 2.0
                                     (RS485 and Ethernet optional)
Overall dimensions: 510 x 710 x 340 mm (l x h x w) - P & A
                                      406 x 265 x 128 mm (l x h x w) - PCU IV
Controller functions: On-Line and Stand Alone operation,
                                        2 x 20 characters display, 9 keys,
                                        11 status LEDs. 24 Inputs, 26 Outputs.
                                        Real time clock, counters, date off sets
                                        and much more...!

Printer:        Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
Application: Side, top or bottom labelling
                       Stationary or moving object
Label size:    6 x 5 - 80 x 80 mm
Distance:       0 - 50 mm
Available in both right- and left hand version!

• TG300 - Handheld terminal
• Warning Low Level Media
• Cabinets
• Label Check in the Applicator Pad
• Flashlight/Beacon
• Check scanner
• Fixed or adjustable stands


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